About Tori

Introducing Tori Trahan, the talented owner and operator of Magnolia Permanent Cosmetics and Body Contouring, located inside Juniper Salon and Spa. Tori’s journey began in Scott, LA, where she graduated from Acadiana High School in 2007. With a passion for healthcare, she pursued her education at the Lafayette General School of Health Sciences Practical Nursing Program, graduating in 2011 and obtained her LPN license.

After gaining experience in neurosurgery, urgent care, and OBGYN, Tori desired a change from the typical 9-5 routine. She yearned for the opportunity to make her own schedule, be her own boss, and have the freedom to take vacations and personal days without seeking permission from others. This led her to discover her true passion in PMU (Permanent Makeup) and spray tans, which she started offering in October 2020.

Tori’s dedication is unwavering, as she strives to provide exceptional service to her clients. She is committed to giving her time and attention to detail, ensuring proper pre and post care education, and educating clients on longevity, contraindications, and safety. Tori’s ultimate goal is for each client to feel that their experience at Magnolia Permanent Cosmetics and Body Contouring was exceptional in every aspect.

With her extensive healthcare background and continuous pursuit of knowledge, Tori brings a wealth of expertise to her clients. Graduating as an LPN in 2011, Tori has remained active in her field by working two days per week in OBGYN. She holds certifications in CPR, First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens, and IV Therapy. In her journey to excel in PMU, Tori invested over 150 hours in in-person certifications and completed a six-month apprenticeship. Her dedication culminated in the opening of her own tattoo facility in May 2022, which is fully licensed, insured, and Board of Health certified.

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